Sports Parenting

The “24 Hour Rule” is Hard To Do

Often when I speak to parents about giving feedback to their child-athletes, I recommend that they wait 24 hours before saying anything about the...

Child Development

Character Building

Playing Up: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Your daughter just turned eight. She’s been playing soccer for a year now and every time she plays, she is the best player on...

Psychological Consulting with Varsity Athletes

Several years ago the head coach of a Division-I men’s hockey team contacted me to discuss his concerns about one of his highly recruited players....

Ages 7-9

Youth have more growth cartilage than adults, and studies show that growth cartilage is more susceptible to injury than matured bone. The body needs iron as a child more than any other time in life (AAP, 2000).

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Skill Development

Coach's Corner

Will My Child Play Collegiate Sports?

The chances any of our children are able to use sport achievement to get into college are quite low. The NCAA approximates that 5%...

Playing at the College Level

While this age group is very close to reaching adult maturity, it is important to remember that their brains are still developing and some...
What I Remember - Sports memory

What I Remember

This isn’t your normal sports memory. It’s not a walk-off home run or buzzer beater for the win. It’s quite the opposite. The sun was bearing...

Failure: The Best Motivation

The world is an extremely competitive place. Whether it be applying to college, finding a job or competing in a sporting event, hard work...

The Power of the Sports Experience

My story also involves Coach Schloder. With regards to basketball, I started playing in youth rec leagues and was always to the tallest kid...

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